Holstein Entertainment's first production, Brian Vs the Cat, tells the heart warming tale of a guy, a girl and the very fat cat that comes between them. The ten-minute short, whose screenings include the Sacramento International Film Festival and the National Film Board Canada, stars Carter Bergin-Freedman as "Holstein," a plus-sized black and white cat whose stage name (and girth) is a tribute to Holstein cows around the world.  While the film has a happy ending for Holstein the cat, the true life story for the feline actor has been even happier.

Until he was rescued by his current co-owner Katie Bergin in 2005, Carter had spent the majority of his five-year life in the Toronto Humane Society. In fact, while examining the information tag above Carter's cage, Katie was dismayed to see that Carter had been returned not once, not twice, but three times to this particular shelter. And to add insult to injury, his last owner had returned Carter only two days after adopting both him and his brother. The two had never before been separated.

Fortunately for Carter, his fourth owner had eyes only for him. You see, Katie had written the script for Brian Vs the Cat, and had already named the cat she imagined for the lead. A few days before shooting, she went to the Humane Society in the hope of securing a particular black & white beast. She was about to give up and settle for a tubby tabby, when her friend, Aleen, noticed Carter lying in the back of his cage. Carter ignored her but leapt to attention at Katie's approach. (This became even more meaningful when Katie realized, soon thereafter, that Carter doesn't get up for much — besides meals.) So Katie had found her feline star and Carter had found his forever home.

Today, Carter lives happily with Katie and her cat-loving husband Bruce in Toronto. And for those who think that Katie and Bruce are overly indulgent and responsible for Carter's weight woes, remember that he came fat. He's actually lost three pounds under their loving care.