About the Author

Bruce Freedman spent fifteen years analyzing Asian stock markets, and was once ranked #1 for Hong Kong bank research by Reuters. Disillusioned by the mega bucks he earned for staring at a computer screen, he returned to his native Canada and (much to his mother’s chagrin) embarked on a journey as a humour writer. He soon learned that this means minor bucks for staring at that same computer screen. While his financial musings have been published in esteemed publications including The Globe & Mail and Listed Magazine, his humour has fallen on deaf ears with over 50 rejections — including United Airline's Hemispheres,  the one "magazine" that his younger self would have refused to even submit to. Ironically, Bruce's biggest accomplishment was securing an on-air radio interview for a story that hadn't even been published. Disillusioned by his disillusionment, Bruce took to the road, wandering restlessly from town to town, helping those in need and with nowhere else to turn. His talent for observational humour proved indispensable in helping an innocent man wrongfully accused of murder escape the clutches of the sheriff and his bloodhounds. While his rants and alliterations provided comfort for a captain whose men mutinied and pinched the pearls. On top of his weekly adventures, Bruce is working on his second book, a humorous primer for those looking to demystify those buzzword-laden conversations with their financial advisors — or learn to do it themselves.


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